Energy Ombudsman

If you’ve made a complaint to your energy provider and still haven’t reached an agreement, you’re probably looking for more information on the Energy Ombudsman. Read on to find out more about the services of the Energy Ombudsman and how they can assist with your issue.

Who is the Energy Ombudsman?

The Energy Ombudsman is a free and impartial service that you can make a complaint to and they can make the supplier fix your problem, issue an apology or respond to your issue. In certain cases, they can get the supplier to pay compensation for the issue.

How can the Energy Ombudsman help you?

If your complaint isn’t dealt with to a point where you and the supplier are satisfied, contacting the Energy Ombudsman is recommended. The Energy Ombudsman can if you've made an energy supplier complaint about:

  • energy service loss

  • contract disputes

  • energy bills

  • switching energy suppliers

  • microgeneration and Feed-in Tariffs

  • an energy supplier's marketing activities.

Problems associated with supplier switching

If you have any issues relating to switching your gas and electricity, The Energy Ombudsman can help with:

  1. Wrongly transferred supply - if your supply of energy was switched in error.

  2. Delay in transfer - when your supplier change hasn't occurred on the date specified.

  3. Supply not being transferred - in cases where your current supplier objects to a transfer.

  4. Timing of your final bill.

  5. Refunding of credit balances.

The UK energy industry regulator Ofgem has now introduced automatic compensation of £30 for any wrongly transferred supply. This new ruling was rolled out in May 2019 and should stretch to the other switching supplier issues in the future.

Before submitting your claim to the Energy Ombudsman

Before you can take your case to the Energy Ombudsman, you have to let the supplier know about your complaint. This gives the energy company ‘fair warning’ and a chance to resolve the matter. If you haven’t reached an agreement or heard back from them within 8 weeks, you are legally allowed to go to the Energy Ombudsman.

How to contact the Energy Ombudsman

You can contact the Energy Ombudsman by:

  • Telephone on +44 (0) 330 440 1624 or 01925 530 263

  • Post at PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF

  • Email at

  • Fax on 0330 440 1600 or 01925 430 886.

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