Gas and electricity discounts for the disabled

disabled person with carer

If you’re disabled or look after someone who is, you can benefit from financial and physical assistance from your energy supplier and the government. Read on to find out how.

Energy discounts for the disabled

If you’re struggling to afford your energy bills as a result of your disability, you might be able to take advantage of certain discounts and help offered by the government and energy suppliers.

Even if you are financially secure, a disability can make managing your energy difficult so it’s essential that you inform the right authorities and get the aid that you need.

Government schemes for disabled people

There are a number of government grants and schemes available that many disabled energy customers are usually eligible for consideration. They include the:

Another tip for you or your loved one is to add them to the priority services register. Every energy supplier has one and helps them know if there are any special requirements elderly or disabled energy customer may have. 

For example, If you’re receiving medical assistance from an electrical device such as a breathalyzer, your supplier can make provisions for you if there was a power outage or a fault with your supply. 

Free annual gas safety checks

Anyone over pension age or registered as disabled who also receives pension credit, council tax benefit or housing benefit can receive a free gas safety check. Your energy supplier will offer you the check without charge and make sure that the engineer is certified and knows about your condition beforehand.

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